Who We Are

International Physical Therapy specializes in providing one-on-one care with the individual. Unlike many other physical therapy programs we are independently owned and operated. Our physical therapist Judy Ryan, with 26 years of experience, provides the utmost care with all patients. IPT delivers a level of care like no other. We specialize in care of:

· Neurological Disorders

· Manual Lymphatic Drainage

· Spine Programs

· Orthopedic Rehabilitation

· Areas of Specialization such as TMJ, RSD, & Pediatric Services and so much more!

Why Reflexology? By applying pressure to different areas of the foot, stress and tension can be relieved throughout the body. Reflexology is known to alleviate medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, and pain. This technique is safe, relaxing, and medically beneficial. Researchers have also discovered that not only does Reflexology relieve physical pain, but also mental health and psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression, while enhancing sleep and relaxation.