Treatment Services

Autoimmune (RA, Lupus and Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Arthritis)

Blood Borne Illnesses (Lyme's and host infections, Chronic Fatigue)

Early Childhood Intervention Programs

Emergency Same Day Care

Oncology Care


Specializing In:

Auto-Immune and Progressive Neurological Disorders

Lymphatic-Vascular Disorders (Vodder Certified Manual Decongestive Therapist)

Vestibular and Balance Disorders (Experience -Advanced Training)

Progressive Pain and Orthopedic Care Degenerative Joint and Spinal Disorders

Pre-and Post Surgical Intervention for Total Joint Replacements

Acute Soft Tissue Injuries: Repetitive Injury Sprains

Sports Care: Acute Care and Prevention and Rehabilitation

Gait and Balance Impairments

Degenerative Joint and Spinal Disorders

Additional Services

Progressive Neurological Disorders

Sports Care: Prevention & Post Injury

Vestibular & Balance disorder's

Skin hygiene & care of wounds, burns and ulcers

Classes tailored to Special Needs Populations

Auto immune disorders (diabetes, degenerative arthritis, chronic sinus conditions) hypertension, high risk for fall, heart disease', lymphatic congestion, stress reduction, nutrition and weight management.

Special Certifications

Vodder Trained Manual Lymphatic drainage with 20+ years of experience

Jane Buckle Nursing Medical Aromatherapy Certificate for care of resistant wounds burns ulcers, infectious and chronic pain management.

American Reflexology Certification Board trained Reflexologist