Summer is fun in the sun time with most people not paying attention to, or not wanting to pay attention to, the effect the sun can have on skin, especially the face. Your face is the least likely part of your body to be covered with anything when out in the sun and if your not wearing any sunscreen the damage inflicted by our old friend sol can be insidious. Year after year of frolicking in the sun can age the skin on your face by drying it out, forming wrinkles as we lose the ability to reproduce collagen under the skin (which gives the skin its elasticity), cause age spots and generally rob the skin of its natural glow.

Getting a facial is a wonderful and relaxing way to alleviate the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Even if your skin is not yet showing any detrimental effects it’s still a good idea to see a trained professional every 3-4 weeks to keep it healthy and free of skin issues. In 2018 Americans spent 17 billion dollars on spa services with more and more men also visiting salons. We are now living in a dermatological “golden age” with many new and variegated treatments, some expensive and involving high tech equipment while most others are quite affordable. A standard facial usually involves a deep cleaning followed by some sort of pimple/blemish extraction, a massage and steam treatment , a mask or peel and then a final application using some type of moisturizer. Everyone cleans and moisturizes their skin at home on a daily basis but a visit to a trained esthetician will cleanse your face thoroughly, which is not possible to do at home. Think of it another way. Your medicine cabinet is loaded with various remedies but you still have to visit a doctor every once in awhile.

Aside from keeping the skin younger looking a good facial will prevent aging skin by boosting cell regeneration and promoting collagen development. A good facial massage will also improve blood circulation. Improved circulation brings much needed oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, leading to a healthier look and a “glow.”

A crucial part of the facial experience is a skin detox. By using organic and natural (if possible) crystal scrubs, antioxidant rich skin creams, herbal extracts and essential oils the professional will rid the skin of the waste that accumulates on it regularly. And since your skin is bombarded daily by UV rays and other toxins it’s imperative that a trained esthetician use steam to open the pores and remove dead cells. Peels and masks enriched with botanical extracts may then be applied to tighten skin which has possibly lost its elasticity over time.

These are some of the benefits of getting a facial and employing a trained professional who can evaluate your skin better than you can. Continue to wash and moisturize at home, wear sunscreen when out in the hot sunshine, and consult an esthetician at least once a month to keep your skin looking its best.


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