Get to know the International Physical Therapy Team!

Welcome to the first International Physical Therapy blog post! We will be blogging weekly on different and exciting topics pertaining to physical therapy as a tool to educate our patients and the public on ways to improve their overall well-being! But first, let us introduce ourselves!

We are an outpatient physical therapy clinic located in Howell, New Jersey. Our owner and physical therapist, Judy Ryan has been practicing physical therapy for over 30 years! Judy has many years of experience treating patients with various disorders and diagnoses and takes pride in creating the best possible treatment program to help them succeed and reach their highest potential. 

Over her years of practicing, Judy has obtained certifications in Vodder Trained Manual Lymphatic drainage, Jane Buckle Nursing medical aromatherapy certificate for resistant wounds, burns, ulcers, infectious and chronic pain management as well as advanced training in vestibular, autoimmune and neurological disorders.  Judy also has extensive knowledge in various orthopaedic injuries and the effective evidence-based treatment methods that have proven to lead to a successful rehab. 

       Working alongside Judy is Cayla, a physical therapist assistant who has recently joined the IPT team. Prior to working with IPT, Cayla worked in a vestibular rehabilitation facility.  She specialized in treating patients with numerous vestibular disorders such as vertigo, BPPV, Meniere’s disease, post-concussion syndrome and balance disorders.  She has used her knowledge in vestibular rehab and orthopaedics to further enhance balance programs for the patients at IPT!

Judy and Cayla work together to plan the ultimate physical therapy program for each patient! They both make sure to provide every patient with one-on-one care to ensure that they are making the most optimal progress toward their recovery. The entire team at International Physical Therapy takes pride in making each treatment session as productive and fulfilling for the patients as possible!

         As we continue to use the blogs to discuss various physical therapy topics, feel free to head over to our Instagram, Facebook or email to comment on topics you may be interested in learning about and we will be happy to provide a blog and more information on that subject!  We sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and we look forward to providing many more exciting blogs in the future!

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